Invisalign vs Braces

Invisalign vs Braces is an age-old question that has been stirring the pot since the introduction of Invisalign in 1999. While exploring the debate, factors such as cost, length of treatment, diet, and comfort all play an important role. Personal preferences in the type of treatment are also a consideration. Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics can help you make an informed decision about your treatment.

Exploring the Invisalign vs Braces Debate

Let’s start with a cost analysis. Although every treatment plan is unique and will therefore have a different pricing structure, we can look at the basics. Looking at the ballpark figures from Colgate, Invisalign can range between $3,500 and $8,000. Traditional braces normally range from $2,500 to $6,000. If cost is your Achilles heel, braces win this round.

Next, let’s consider dietary restrictions. While braces come with an entire list of foods to avoid, Invisalign has no dietary restrictions. Patients remove alignment trays to eat and drink, so the type of food does not affect treatment. With braces, the food restrictions are primarily to avoid damaging the brackets and wires and to make oral hygiene easier. This is an unclear win for Invisalign. The patient rules on this decision.

Oral hygiene is next up. With Invisalign, tray aligners come out for easy oral hygiene. In fact, there is really no difference in your procedure during treatment. You will need to add cleaning the trays to your routine, but that only takes a few minutes. Unfortunately, with braces, dental care is not as simple. Patients need to learn to brush and floss around the wires and brackets. This will take additional time. Improper oral hygiene can lead to increased tooth decay during treatment. There are also special brushes to get under the wires for better cleaning. In the realm of oral hygiene, Invisalign is the clear winner.

The Best Option for You

Treatment duration is comparable for both methods. The baseline is the degree of misalignment that a patient begins with. Minor alignment problems can be corrected in as little as six months. More complex problems may take 12 to 18 months or longer. Although braces can be more aggressively adjusted, the ease and comfort of Invisalign may help determine your choice.

Invisalign is a patient-centered treatment. This means that you will have fewer appointments and will be responsible for switching trays every two weeks. Braces require an orthodontist to perform adjustments, so more in-person time at the office will be necessary.

Invisalign is an almost invisible way to straighten your smile. Braces are more noticeable, although Clear Braces blend with your natural tooth coloration. This decision is totally in the patient’s hands. If appearance is a factor, Invisalign would win. Don’t forget the boost to self-esteem!

The bottom line, after exploring the Invisalign vs Braces debate, is that either treatment method can work for you. As a patient, you will need to determine your expectations for results. Feel free to discuss this with the orthodontist. The ultimate goal of any doctor is to make sure that the patient is happy with both the process and the results.

Set Up Your Consultation Today

Whether you opt for Invisalign or braces, Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics can help. You can begin right now by using our online Contact Form to request your first appointment. Patients may also call our office at 914-690-7628 to speak with our staff. Email questions or appointment requests to Our entire staff is eager to assist you with questions or to arrange your appointment.

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Orthodontist Hartsdale NY

Finding an orthodontist near Hartsdale, NY is not difficult. The hard part is selecting a great orthodontist for the entire family. That’s where Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics in nearby White Plains steps up and knocks it out of the ballpark. Children as young as seven should see an orthodontist for an initial examination. Although most people consider braces to be a “teen thing,” many adults are also opting for treatment.

Family Orthodontist near Hartsdale, NY

Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics serves patients located in Hartsdale, Scarsdale, Mount Kisco, Katonah, White Plains, and Westchester County. With a free initial consultation for new patients, Dr. Michael Sokoloff can start the entire family off with significant savings.

Dr. Sokoloff has an easy-going and comfortable chairside manner. This keeps patients relaxed during treatment, regardless of their age. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming, as well as maintaining an inviting office environment.

We mentioned that orthodontic treatment should begin when a child is around seven years old. The initial examination allows the doctor to review growth patterns and place younger children into a monitoring program. If early treatment is required, Dr. Sokoloff can use the child’s normal growth to assist in correcting current or potential orthodontic issues.

Most orthodontic care occurs during the teen years. This is when the majority of adult teeth have dropped into place and the jaw is nearing its final growth phase. Many adults are opting for corrective orthodontics too! It is never too late to discover your perfect smile.

Whether you are a parent seeking treatment for a child or looking for an orthodontist for yourself, Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics can guide you on the journey to a healthy and straight smile.

Orthodontic Treatment Offers Many Benefits

In addition to improving your outward appearance, a straight smile has many other benefits. Clearer speech is a great benefit for children and adults. Additionally, patients will experience a better ability to chew foods, which ultimately aids in better digestion. The effects of a straight smile on overall health are well-documented.

Clear braces work the same as traditional braces but use a clear bracket. The bracket allows your natural tooth color to show, which helps the braces blend in so they are less noticeable.

Invisalign are the almost invisible aligners you hear about daily. Using Smart Track material, these transparent tray aligners gently shift teeth into the correct position. Many adults prefer Invisalign because the trays are very discreet. There are also no dietary changes with this treatment because the trays are removed for eating and drinking.

Set up Your Complimentary Consultation Today

To get a jump start on your new smile, use our online contact form to request your Complimentary Consultation. You may also call our office at 917-970-2030 to speak with our appointment coordinator. We look forward to meeting you!

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Your orthodontist in Hartsdale, NY is Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics.

Braces-Friendly Foods

Whether you already have braces or will be getting them soon, learning about braces-friendly foods will help you navigate your treatment. The most important thing to understand is that you won’t need to memorize a list of foods to avoid. We’re going to concentrate on types of foods rather than a specific list.

The Theory Behind Braces-Friendly Foods

The key to keeping a braces-friendly diet is learning about the types of foods to avoid. To help you determine what to avoid, concentrate on the braces. Although braces are strong enough to shift your teeth into new positions, the actual components can be fragile. The entire idea behind braces-friendly foods is to help you avoid damaging your appliances.

Of course, we need to quickly remind you about foods to avoid. This includes many sweets, but plain chocolate with no nuts or crunchy bits is totally okay!

Hard foods can damage the wires and dislodge the brackets. This includes foods that you bite into, such as apples, carrots, and corn on the cob. Sticky foods can get stuck to your appliances, causing them to break, shift, or loosen brackets. This includes caramels, chewing gum, and anything that may stick to your teeth and braces. Tough food like crusty bread that you need to pull with your teeth can cause mouth pain.

Before selecting a food, ask yourself a simple question, “Will this food damage my braces?” That simple question will help you select the best foods to eat during your treatment.

Determining the Foods You Can Eat During Treatment

Donuts and milkshakes — you can eat donuts and drink milkshakes! But since you can’t live on those alone, let’s discuss some other healthy alternatives. Soft, not sticky, and not chewy are the keys. By beginning the selection process with the above question, you will find that many things fit into the list of braces-friendly foods.

Beginning with bread, you can eat most regular sandwiches, dinner rolls, and bread with soft crusts. This even includes pizza, although we recommend ordering the softer pan-style crusts. Eating pizza with a knife and fork may seem pretentious, but it will keep you from tugging and pulling with your teeth. For toppings, you should avoid crispy things like bacon and over-cooked pepperonis.

Snacks, you ask? Plenty of those. Ice cream, cakes, muffins, soft cookies, brownies (without nuts), and the donuts we mentioned earlier. Plain chocolate, without candy coating and nuts (sorry, no M&Ms) is fine, too. Fresh, soft fruits, such as berries and bananas, are great. Use caution with grapes. If you really can’t live without an apple a day, peel it and cut it into small, bite-sized pieces.

Hamburgers, steak, pork chops, and chicken are all okay. Use caution with burgers — avoid hard, crusty buns and condiments like bacon. Likewise with other meats — avoid tough cuts, and cut the meats into bite-sized pieces.

Sticking with a few simple rules makes eating with braces easy. Remember to ask the question, “Will this food damage my braces?” when making selections.

If You Still Have Questions, Call Us

We hope that this helps you select good braces-friendly foods during your treatment. Our entire staff at Sokoloff Orthodontics can answer any remaining questions you may have. Please call us at 914-949-0068 or email us at

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Orthodontist Hartsdale NY

If you need an orthodontist in Hartsdale NY, Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics in nearby White Plains is your best choice. Hartsdale, NY is a quaint and picturesque small town. Whether you are a fan of history that dates to before the colonial war or simply enjoy a quiet, relaxing atmosphere, Hartsdale offers an idyllic small-town flavor within commuting distance of NYC.

An Orthodontist in Hartsdale NY

Whether you are looking for Invisalign or traditional braces, Dr. Michael Sokoloff can deliver. But don’t just take our word for it — check out his record. His peers in the industry voted him as one of The Top Dentists in Westchester County. Not just once, but every year since 2008!

Dr. Sokoloff began practicing orthodontics in 2001 and opened his office in White Plains in 2004. He is an active member of the community, participating in sports as both a player and a coach. He is an active member of numerous dental and orthodontic associations.

His patients describe him using words such as, “compassionate,” “diligent,” and “motivated.” As a family orthodontist, Dr. Sokoloff accepts patients of all ages. The entire staff is dedicated to providing a warm and friendly office environment.

Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics Has What You Need

From your first visit throughout your treatment program, Sokoloff Orthodontics will treat you well. Whether you need braces, Invisalign, or just a monitoring program, Sokoloff is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. Some of the orthodontic treatment plans we offer include:

With a wide array of options, Sokoloff has something for your entire family. From your child’s first visit, which should occur before their seventh birthday, through the teen years and into adulthood. Whether you are a parent seeking orthodontic care for a child or an adult seeking care for yourself, Sokoloff Orthodontics has what you need.

The different types of problems that orthodontics can correct are:

  • Spacing between teeth (gap teeth)
  • Underbite and overbite
  • Protruding teeth
  • Crowding along the jawline
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite
  • Misaligned midlines

If you or a family member has any of the above conditions, orthodontics can correct them. While it may not seem like much more than a cosmetic issue, orthodontics also contributes to overall health. By improving a bite path, chewing is more efficient which aids digestion. So orthodontics can improve your health.

If you are ready to boost your confidence with a straighter smile, contact Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics.

Contact Us Today to Begin Your Journey

Setting up your first appointment is simple. Our online contact form or the appointment request form will allow our staff to contact you to get set up. You may also use email at or call our office at (914) 949-0068. Our staff is eager to hear from you!

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Will Invisalign Fix My Overbite?

Are you wondering, “Will Invisalign Fix My Overbite?” Since its introduction in 1999, Invisalign has become a primary orthodontic treatment. Initially, it was used only to correct minor alignment problems (malocclusions). Technological advancements have expanded the efficacy of Invisalign so that it can now be effective in treating even some of the most complex malocclusions.

Will Invisalign Fix My Overbite?

The short answer is yes, in most cases, Invisalign can correct your overbite. Before deciding on Invisalign, your orthodontist will complete an examination. This will include X-rays and digital images of your mouth. The doctor will determine the severity of your overbite. At Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics, this takes place during your first visit.

Although Invisalign is not always the best treatment for all cases of overbite, it is becoming a treatment that is popular with both patients and orthodontists. The “draw” of Invisalign, especially for adult patients, is that it is nearly invisible. While wearing the alignment trays, most people will not even realize that a patient is wearing braces.

Normal daily routines are just that while wearing Invisalign — normal. Patients remove the trays for eating and drinking, so the overall treatment period has a lower impact. Likewise, there are fewer dietary restrictions with Invisalign. Although patients may wish to alter some habits during treatment, most patients are able to continue with normal routines.

How Invisalign Works to Fix Your Overbite

We can’t discuss overbites without first noting the differences between an overbite and protruding teeth. Protruding teeth are commonly the result of outside factors such as thumb-sucking. They are noticeable in that the upper teeth extend forward while the lower teeth may extend rearward.

With an overbite, there may be no visible protrusion, but the upper teeth extend over the lower teeth. In severe cases, an overbite can cause difficulty in chewing.

Realigning the teeth can be successful with Invisalign in most cases. Using digital images of your mouth, the orthodontist creates a series of clear tray aligners. The alignment trays gently shift teeth into new positions. Patients wear each set for two weeks, then moves to the next set in succession. Each set of trays progressively moves teeth into the correct positions.

Although minor discomfort may occur during the first couple of days with each new tray set, Invisalign is a comfortable treatment. Because the trays are removable, oral hygiene during treatment is easier. If you are ready to see if Invisalign will fix your overbite, contact Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics to make an appointment.

Set Up Your First Appointment Today

Whether you need Invisalign or another type of braces, Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics can help get your smile straight. To set up your appointment, you can send a request using our online contact form, sending an email to, or calling us at 914-949-0068. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Top Orthodontist near Fairview NY

When it comes to finding a top orthodontist in Fairview, NY, it can be a daunting process. Every office claims they are the best of the best. How do you sort out the facts from the empty claims of greatness? Although it often boils down to proximity, affordability, and an open appointment schedule, there are some ways you can figure out the best orthodontic practice for your family.

Choosing a Top Orthodontist near Fairview, NY

Some of the many qualities that make a top orthodontist are:

Other things that prospective patients look for are the office location, hours for appointments, and the availability of appointments. As you search for a top orthodontist, you will undoubtedly add to this list. Your list will be as individualized as your smile.

The important thing is to make sure that any orthodontist you select is right for you. At Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics, we believe that our highest priority is to offer care and comfort to our patients in a warm, friendly environment.

What we Offer Our Patients

Dr. Michael Sokoloff is an orthodontist who believes that superior orthodontic care should be available to people of all ages. His practice offers smile solutions to everyone, from young children needing Phase 1 Treatment to teens, and also adults. Regardless of your age, Dr. Sokoloff and his entire staff are eager to help you discover how truly great your smile is.

Achieving exceptional smiles in a gentle, efficient way means using the newest technology and innovations in orthodontics. Whether you need Invisalign, traditional braces, or other orthodontic appliances, Sokoloff will provide for your needs using state-of-the-art equipment.

Dr. Sokoloff believes that learning doesn’t stop after graduation. He attends education conferences and participates in orthodontic forums regularly. There are advances in technology and treatments and staying current on new information means remaining diligent about seeking knowledge.

In order to be accessible to patients with busy schedules, Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics offers bi-monthly Saturday appointments. Limited evening appointments are also available with advance planning. When it comes to meeting your needs as a patient, Dr. Sokoloff believes availability is an important part of the equation. Flexibility in scheduling sets Sokoloff above the competition.

From your first visit throughout your treatment period, Sokoloff Orthodontics will treat you with care, compassion, and respect. If you are ready to begin your journey to finding the perfect smile you always wanted, contact us to set up your first appointment.

Contact Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics Today

Whether you need braces, Invisalign, or other orthodontic treatment, Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics is prepared to help. Making that first appointment is simple — just fill in the contact information and submit our online contact form. To speed up your processing, we request that you complete patient registration by following the prompts in our patient portal.

Alternately, we may also be contacted via email at or by telephone at 914-949-0068. Whether you are in Fairview, NY, or the surrounding area, we are eager to meet you.

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What’s the Ideal Age for Orthodontic Treatment?

As parents watch their children grow, many often wonder “What’s the ideal age for orthodontic treatment?” They also wonder if their child even needs orthodontic treatment. Although their teeth may appear straight, the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) agrees that all children should see an orthodontist.

Phase I/Early Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is divided into two distinctive phases. Phase I, or Early Treatment, begins at a child’s first appointment. The AAO recommends that the first appointment occurs before their seventh birthday. The reason for the timing is based on the growth patterns of teeth and bones.

At seven years of age, many of your child’s primary, or baby, teeth have already fallen out. They have a good number of their permanent, or adult, teeth. Using x-rays, an orthodontist can see where new adult teeth will be erupting. This allows an orthodontist to predict whether there will be enough space along your child’s jawline for new adult teeth.

If it appears that crowding or other orthodontic problems may occur, the doctor can begin preventative treatment. This may include appliances such as palatal expanders, retainers, or even braces. At the ages between 7 and 11, your child’s growth is easier to guide. The goal of Early Treatment is to ensure a better jaw alignment as a child progresses to Phase II treatment.

Phase II/Adolescent Treatment

Phase II, or Adolescent Treatment, is the phase of orthodontic care most people are familiar with. Treatment may begin around age 11 or 12 and usually includes wearing braces for a period of time. If a younger child needs Phase I Treatment, the results of that early intervention may shorten Phase II treatment periods.

In many instances, after an initial consultation, younger children may not need treatment immediately. Most orthodontists place them into a monitoring status, checking in every six months or so. This allows the doctor to monitor growth and determine the best time to begin Phase II treatment.

Phase II treatment usually involves your pre-teen or teen wearing braces. They may have traditional-style metal braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign Teen. The purpose of braces is to correct alignment problems, ensure a proper “bite,” and ease crowding or other orthodontic issues. Braces may be prescribed for periods from 6 to 36 months, depending on the level of correction necessary.

What’s the Ideal Age for Orthodontic Treatment?

Returning to our question, “What’s the ideal age for orthodontic treatment?” The ideal age to have an initial consultation is before a child turns seven. Beyond that, your orthodontist will determine if there is a need for Phase I treatment.

Dr. Michael Sokoloff is a highly-trained orthodontist. The entire staff at Sokoloff Orthodontics is friendly, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. In addition, as a family practice, Sokoloff Orthodontics specializes in treating patients of all ages.

Even if you missed bringing your child in before age seven, it is never too late to begin orthodontic care. It is easy to set up an appointment using our online form. Fill out the requested information, click submit, and our awesome staff will contact you to complete the process.  You can also call our office at 914-949-0068.

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Invisalign for Adults Near Me

It’s amazing how a small change, such as fixing your smile, can help you feel more confident. No matter what your age, you can improve your smile with the help of an experienced orthodontist. If you live in the White Plains, New York, area and are looking for “Invisalign for adults near me,” your best option is Dr. Michael Sokoloff.

Invisalign for Adults Near MeAge Does Not Matter

Adults of any age can take up Invisalign. All you need is a strong set of full teeth. If you have crooked teeth, Invisalign will straighten your smile. People with missing teeth, tooth decay, or periodontal disease may get Invisalign, too. However, the orthodontist must first fix the underlying issues.

Because adult bones are mature and firm, Invisalign may not fix some structural problems. Some issues will need braces, and others may need minor oral surgery. The orthodontist will first examine you and gauge the success rate before beginning any treatment.

The Aligners Are Comfortable

Invisalign aligners are convenient and comfortable to wear. You take them out when brushing, flossing, or eating to maintain oral hygiene. Also, you don’t have to worry about scratching the inside of your cheeks. These plastic aligners are smooth and rounded, guaranteeing zero irritation.

You’re in Control

You will find that getting Invisalign aligners in adulthood is an easy affair. As an adult, you have 100% say in the kind of changes you want. All you have to do is follow the instructions to get the smile you desire. Fixing your teeth may also be more affordable than it would have been in the past.

Invisalign is for older teens and adults. However, the kind meant for teens has a blue indicator button to remind users to put the aligners back after a meal. Adult aligners do not have the usage indicator.

Your Search for ‘Invisalign for Adults Near Me’ Is Over

If you’re in New York, a quick search for “Invisalign for adults near me” should lead you to Dr. Michael Sokoloff in White Plains, New York. Call 914-949-0068 today to request an appointment.

How to Choose the Best Orthodontist

You don’t trust just anyone with your teeth, so you need to know how to choose the best orthodontist. With so many orthodontists in Scarsdale, NY, you might think it’s an impossible task, but it’s a breeze when you follow some tips.

How to Choose the Best OrthodontistRead the Online Reviews

If you were to ask people how to choose the best orthodontist, most would tell you to read online reviews. You can find out so much about an orthodontist and the practice when you read reviews. Look at the star rating and see what people say. When you find a Scarsdale orthodontist with lots of positive reviews, you know that he or she is a top-notch provider.

How to Choose the Best Orthodontist – Consider the Treatment Options

If you want to select the best orthodontist in Westchester, NY, you also need to consider the treatment options. Choose someone who offers an assortment of treatments, including accelerated options like the AcceleDent System. The system speeds up orthodontic treatment time by as much as 50 percent, so it’s a great option if you want straight teeth soon.

Make Sure You Have Access to Emergency Care

Hopefully, you’ll never have an orthodontic emergency. However, you need to ensure your orthodontist will be there for you in case that does happen. If you want to know how to choose the best orthodontist, select someone who provides emergency care. The best orthodontist is available when needed, so you can feel confident about your treatment.

Contact the Best Orthodontist Today

Dr. Sokoloff and the team at Sokoloff Orthodontics are experts in orthodontia near Scarsdale, NY. We are happy to answer any questions pertaining to Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, braces, and clear braces in Scarsdale, NY, 10583, and the surrounding areas. If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Sokoloff, please contact Sokoloff Orthodontics at (914) 949-0068 or visit


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