How to Choose the Best Orthodontist

You don’t trust just anyone with your teeth, so you need to know how to choose the best orthodontist. With so many orthodontists in Scarsdale, NY, you might think it’s an impossible task, but it’s a breeze when you follow some tips.

How to Choose the Best OrthodontistRead the Online Reviews

If you were to ask people how to choose the best orthodontist, most would tell you to read online reviews. You can find out so much about an orthodontist and the practice when you read reviews. Look at the star rating and see what people say. When you find a Scarsdale orthodontist with lots of positive reviews, you know that he or she is a top-notch provider.

How to Choose the Best Orthodontist – Consider the Treatment Options

If you want to select the best orthodontist in Westchester, NY, you also need to consider the treatment options. Choose someone who offers an assortment of treatments, including accelerated options like the AcceleDent System. The system speeds up orthodontic treatment time by as much as 50 percent, so it’s a great option if you want straight teeth soon.

Make Sure You Have Access to Emergency Care

Hopefully, you’ll never have an orthodontic emergency. However, you need to ensure your orthodontist will be there for you in case that does happen. If you want to know how to choose the best orthodontist, select someone who provides emergency care. The best orthodontist is available when needed, so you can feel confident about your treatment.

Contact the Best Orthodontist Today

Dr. Sokoloff and the team at Sokoloff Orthodontics are experts in orthodontia near Scarsdale, NY. We are happy to answer any questions pertaining to Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, braces, and clear braces in Scarsdale, NY, 10583, and the surrounding areas. If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Sokoloff, please contact Sokoloff Orthodontics at (914) 949-0068 or visit

Which is Better Braces or Invisalign?

Which is Better: Braces or Invisalign? A question that has arisen since the introduction of Invisalign in 2000. The discussion rages on, and will for a long time to come. But we can explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of each alignment process. The type of braces you use will be what your orthodontist believes will do the most effective work on your smile.

Which is Better Braces or Invisalign?

While “It depends” probably is not the answer you were expecting, it is the most accurate answer. Because every mouth is different, the method to correct alignment most effectively depends on the individual patient. One patient with an overbite and alignment problems might be a good candidate for Invisalign. At the same time, a patient with similar issues may be better suited to traditional braces or another method of correction.

When an orthodontist examines a patient, they can determine what treatment is going to be the most effective. Using x-rays, physical examination, and digital imaging, an orthodontist can “map” the patient’s mouth. This includes predicting future growth for patients who don’t have all their adult teeth yet. Using this “map,” a doctor can evaluate the specific problems and potential future problems and determine which type of braces would be best for that patient.

It is also true that in many cases, either treatment will be effective. In that instance, an orthodontist may offer the patient a choice of treatment plans. With this option, Invisalign generally wins due to the near invisibility of the alignment trays.

Looking at the Pros and Cons

When examining which is better between braces and Invisalign, it helps to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Advantages of Invisalign

  • Clean aligners are almost invisible
  • Able to correct most orthodontic alignment problems
  • Treatment duration averages 12 to 18 months
  • Fewer appointments required during the treatment period
  • Less pain during treatment
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Oral hygiene is easier because trays are removed for cleaning, brushing, and flossing

Disadvantages of Invisalign

  • Not able to correct complex problems effectively
  • Patient-controlled/forgetting to wear alignment trays can lengthen treatment period

Advantages of Traditional Braces

  • Able to correct most orthodontic alignment problems, including complex cases
  • Orthodontist controlled adjustments/at work 24 hours every day

Disadvantages of Traditional Braces

  • Wires and brackets are very noticeable and obvious
  • Treatment period averages 18 to 36 months
  • Appointments are necessary for adjustments and potential emergencies
  • Wires and brackets may irritate the inside of the mouth
  • Required dietary restrictions to avoid damaging wires and brackets
  • Oral hygiene, especially flossing, is more difficult due to the adjustment wires

After looking at the pros and cons, from the patient perspective, Invisalign is a clear winner. However, the ultimate decision should be made using the recommendations of an orthodontist.

Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics Can Help You Decide

IF you still can’t decide which is better, braces and Invisalign are both excellent treatment methods. While making the ultimate decision, consider Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics. With our online appointment request, it is easy to get set up for an appointment. You can also call our White Plains office at (914) 949-0068 to schedule.

Dr. Sokoloff can develop a treatment plan for you and explain in more detail what is better for you, braces, or Invisalign. Let Dr. Sokoloff help you decide.

Invisalign White Plains NY

If you have been considering Invisalign in White Plains, NY, but aren’t 100 percent sure where to go, Sokoloff Orthodontics can help. Not only are we an Invisalign Platinum Plus Provider, but we are taking necessary safety measures to keep you safe during the nationwide COVID-19 pandemic.

What is an Invisalign Platinum Plus Provider?

Align Technologies, the developers of the Invisalign tray system, ranks providers using a point system. The system, called the Advantage Program, uses the number of treatments provided in each of three categories:

  • Full Invisalign Treatment
  • Invisalign Teen Treatment
  • Invisalign Assist Treatment

Each treatment is rewarded with 1,000 points. Points are accumulated over a six-month period and orthodontists are placed in tiers as follows:

  1. Bronze – 0 Points
  2. Silver – 5,000 Points
  3. Gold – 24,000 Points
  4. Gold Plus – 30,000 Points
  5. Platinum – 60,000 Points
  6. Platinum Plus – 100,000 Points
  7. Diamond – 140,000 Points
  8. Diamond Plus – 200,000 Points

So, a Platinum Plus Invisalign Provider has amassed over 100,000 points, having performed 100 or more Invisalign treatments.

Invisalign in White Plains, NY

As you search for an Invisalign provider in White Plains, NY, doesn’t it make sense to look for the best? That is where the Platinum Plus provider status comes into the picture. Sokoloff Orthodontics has performed a lot of treatment programs. With that level of experience, and some actual before and after photos, your decision should be easy.

However, you may want to know more about how Invisalign works. We totally understand that! The process begins with an examination. Dr. Michael Sokoloff will use x-rays and digital images of your teeth to determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign. The next step is to create a 3D “map” of your teeth and jawline.

With that “map,” a series of trays are computer-designed for your top and bottom teeth. Each almost invisible tray set will be used for about two weeks. The trays gently shift your teeth with each successive set to move them into the proper alignment.

Because you will remove the trays for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene, there are fewer restrictions than with traditional braces. You can eat and drink anything — just make sure to thoroughly brush and floss before reinserting your trays.

You will wear the trays for 20 to 22 hours per day. While some plans are complete within six months, the average treatment plan is 12 to 18 months. Most people will not even notice that you are wearing braces. While they are not completely invisible, the trays are very inconspicuous.

Your Safety: Sokoloff Orthodontics COVID Policy

Although office hygiene and safety have always been a large part of our office protocol, we have stepped up during the pandemic to further ensure your health and safety. Please review our COVID-19 policy changes and assist us in keeping you and our staff healthy and safe.

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Is Invisalign As Good As Braces?

If you are thinking about getting braces, you’ve probably been asking yourself this important question: Is Invisalign as good as braces? It’s a good question because you have to decide exactly how you want to straighten your teeth. The answer, as you may have guessed, just isn’t that simple, and there’s a lot you have to keep in mind before you make a decision. Here are just a few of the factors you should be thinking about.

Is Invisalign As Good As BracesAppearance

Something that stops a lot of people from getting the braces they need is the fact that they don’t like how braces look. That’s understandable, especially if you’re getting your braces a bit later in life. If this is your main concern, then here’s the answer to the question, “Is Invisalign as good as braces?” It’s better. Since you can’t really see Invisalign braces, you won’t have to worry about your smile not looking like you want it to when choosing this option.


Something else you have to consider when you ask, “Is Invisalign as good as braces?” is whether you can trust yourself to stick to a schedule. You can take your Invisalign out, but you have to make sure you remember to put them back in time, or they will be less effective than they should be.


Finally, it would be best to speak with your orthodontist to determine the right option for you. Invisalign can often treat simple oral issues. But more complicated problems might require traditional braces instead. This is why you should always speak with a professional before making a decision for yourself.

Get the Answer to “Is Invisalign As Good As Braces?”

At Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics, we can help answer any question about orthodontics you may have. Give us a call at (914) 949-0068, and we will help you in any way we can.

Affordable Clear Braces Near Me

Lots of people out there who need braces are all searching for the same thing when they go online: “affordable braces near me.” And can you blame them? Most people don’t want to wear traditional braces, but they also don’t want to have to pay a fortune for them. That’s why so many are turning to Invisalign. They are a great option in various ways. But before you decide if they’re right for you, there’s a lot you need to think about. Check out some of the benefits of Invisalign, so you can get the scoop on this teeth alignment method.

Affordable Clear Braces Near MeNo Brace Face

Don’t want to deal with the appearance of traditional braces? Plenty of people feel the same way. That’s one reason why you might be searching for “affordable clear braces near me.” Clear braces provide the alignment you need without a face full of metal. This is appealing to many people, which is one reason why Invisalign is so popular. If you want to look your best while still straightening your teeth, this is definitely the way to go.

More Comfort

You may need braces, but that doesn’t mean you want to deal with uncomfortable cuts and scrapes in your mouth all the time. This is where Invisalign comes in, and it’s one more reason you may want to google “affordable clear braces near me.” Traditional braces are metal, and as you can guess, that’s not always super comfortable. But since Invisalign is made with clear plastic, clear braces are more comfortable than the alternative.

Eat Whatever

There’s a lot you can’t eat when you choose normal braces. But because you’ll take your Invisalign out when you eat, you can feel free to eat whatever you want. How great is that?

Stop Googling “Affordable Clear Braces Near Me” Today

Ready to take the leap and try Invisalign out? Visit us here at Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics. We can guide you through the entire process. Give us a call at (914) 949-0068. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Virtual Orthodontics in White Plains

Because of COVID-19, the process of visiting your orthodontist may seem complicated. The team at Sokoloff Orthodontics wishes to help protect our patients. Therefore, we are adapting to this new reality and creating new options to provide treatment, including virtual orthodontics in White Plains. We can see new patients, current patients, and even previous patients who are wearing retainers and do not need regular visits.

Honest Feedback and Assessments for New Patients

Virtual Orthodontics in White PlainsIf you are wondering if you or your child would benefit from orthodontics, we can help. During your virtual orthodontics appointment, you will give some necessary information about yourself or your child. For instance, we want to know your goals for a straight smile and what concerns you may have regarding treatment options. Also, we need to know about your lifestyle. For instance, if your child plays sports or a musical instrument and you are concerned orthodontics might get in the way, we want to know.

After providing some necessary information, you will need to upload pictures of your teeth from a few different angles. You can take the images alone, but it is a lot easier if you have someone to help you. Once the orthodontist has an opportunity to see your teeth and learn more about you, we can give you a treatment plan. This plan will help you understand the time and financial commitment, so you can make an informed decision on how to move forward toward a brilliant smile.

Helping Existing Patients with Virtual Orthodontics in White Plains

At Sokoloff Orthodontics, we strive to meet the needs of our existing patients. Our in-office appointments are spread out throughout the day. Therefore, we prefer to meet in-person with patients who are experiencing an orthodontic emergency. For patients who need routine care and monitoring, virtual appointments are a fantastic option. For instance, our Invisalign patients can check in and provide pictures for Dr. Sokoloff to evaluate.

Schedule Your Virtual Consultation Today

Dr. Sokoloff and the team at Sokoloff Orthodontics are ready to help you with virtual orthodontics in White Plains, NY, and the surrounding areas today. If you would like to schedule a complimentary virtual smile consultation with Dr. Sokoloff, please contact Sokoloff Orthodontics at (917) 997-4221 or visit

Virtual Smile Consultation

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we want to ensure our patients receive the care they need as safely as possible. We are offering a virtual smile consultation so existing and new patients at Sokoloff Orthodontics can have their needs met while remaining safe.

Virtual Smile ConsultationRegular Appointments

Dr. Sokoloff can see regular and new patients during a virtual smile consultation. Keeping regular appointments during orthodontic care is essential for staying on a treatment timeline. Regular appointments ensure there is no injury to the soft tissues inside the mouth, like the lips and cheeks. Dr. Sokoloff also checks for signs of tooth decay and demineralization and gives tips for brushing and flossing correctly. Moreover, these appointments give Dr. Sokoloff a chance to ensure the teeth are aligning as they should.

How Does the Doctor See My Teeth During a Virtual Smile Consultation?

Taking pictures of your teeth may sound complicated, but it is easy to do with a cell phone and two large spoons. You will want to make sure the flash is turned on, the camera lens is clean, and your hands are clean. If you prefer a visual of this process, Dr. Sokoloff has this video for you.

  1. Insert the curved part of a spoon inside the mouth against the cheek. Repeat this step on the other side of your mouth with the second spoon, then bite down. The spoons work to hold your cheeks back from your teeth, exposing as much of your teeth as possible.
  2. Hold onto the handles of the spoons and have someone help you take the first picture of the front of your teeth.
  3. Remove one spoon and continue to bite down. The second picture will be a side picture.
  4. Repeat step three on the opposite side of the mouth.
  5. For the next picture, lie or lean back while holding the edges of your mouth open with your fingers. Have your helper take a picture of the roof of your mouth and upper teeth.
  6. Repeat for the lower teeth.
  7. The next picture is a smiling photo. Stand next to a wall and smile with your teeth closed.
  8. After step seven, relax your face and do not smile for the next photo.
  9. The last picture is the same relaxed expression as step eight, but turn to the side for a profile picture.

Schedule Your Virtual Smile Consultation Today

Dr. Sokoloff and the team at Sokoloff Orthodontics are ready to help you with a virtual smile consultation today. We are happy to answer your questions about orthodontic care in Scarsdale, NY, 10583, and the surrounding areas. If you would like to schedule a complimentary virtual smile consultation with Dr. Sokoloff, please contact Sokoloff Orthodontics at (917) 997-4221 or visit

Braces for Adults Near Scarsdale, NY

Are you searching for braces for adults near Scarsdale, New York? If so, you already know there are a lot of options for adult orthodontia. Braces are not just for children and teens because the benefits of straight teeth go beyond the aesthetic of a great smile.

Adults want to straighten their teeth for multiple reasons. Often, adults seeking braces did not finish the treatment they started as a child or their families were unable to afford braces when they were young. Over the years, orthodontics have become more affordable, and more adults want to invest in their smiles and improve their oral health.

How Do Straight Teeth Help with Health?

The straighter your teeth are, the easier they are to clean because crooked teeth create hard-to-reach areas. Crowded teeth are difficult to brush and floss properly, and gaps in teeth create space for bacteria to hang out. Consequences and difficulties with teeth and gum health can be avoided with orthodontia to straighten teeth. 

Since oral health is so important, it is essential to find an orthodontist you trust. Dr. Sokoloff and his team invest in the patient experience and commit to an outcome that is pleasing for patients.

Options for Braces for Adults near Scarsdale, NY

Braces have evolved over the decades, and even the traditional stainless-steel braces are more low-profile. While traditional braces are an excellent choice, there are other options for adults to consider. Dr. Sokoloff will guide you through your options, such as clear braces if you prefer a less visible aesthetic for your smile or even Invisalign if you want to forgo the brackets altogether.

Set up for Consultation Today

Dr. Sokoloff and the team at Sokoloff Orthodontics are who you should turn to when you search for “braces for adults near Scarsdale, NY.” We are happy to answer any questions pertaining to Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, braces, and clear braces in Scarsdale, NY, 10583, and the surrounding areas. If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Sokoloff, please contact Sokoloff Orthodontics at (917) 997-4221 or visit

Is It Better to Get Invisalign from a Dentist or Orthodontist?

Both a dentist and an orthodontist help you get the most from your smile and keep your mouth healthy. However, the focus on oral health is where the similarities end. An orthodontist can provide the same care as a dentist, but a dentist cannot do the same.

Is It Better to Get Invisalign from a Dentist or Orthodontist? What’s the Difference?

Is It Better to Get Invisalign from a Dentist or OrthodontistA dentist does not receive additional training on straightening teeth. Because dentistry is a broad field, an orthodontist goes through up to three extra years of school to learn about straightening teeth. An orthodontist learns how to correct jaw alignment. They also learn about misaligned teeth and bite problems. Because of this, you should turn to an orthodontist for Invisalign to straighten your teeth.

Dentists and orthodontists work closely together in the care of a patient’s oral health. Therefore, a dentist can tell if a patient needs a referral to an orthodontist for care.

If you are wondering, “Is it better to get Invisalign from a dentist or orthodontist?” schedule your free consultation with us. We can show you how the years of experience we have at Sokoloff Orthodontics will set you on a treatment plan that ends with aligned teeth and a beautiful smile.

Why Dr. Sokoloff and His Team at Sokoloff Orthodontics?

The team at Sokoloff Orthodontics understands it is necessary to invest in the patient’s experience to get the best results in orthodontic care. Because of this, patients feel cared for the minute they walk through the door. Parents also are kept up to date with the progress of their child’s care and have access to emergency orthodontic care if needed.

We Are Ready to Help You

You should turn to Dr. Sokoloff and the team at Sokoloff Orthodontics when wondering, “Is it better to get Invisalign from a dentist or orthodontist?” We are happy to answer any questions pertaining to Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, braces, and clear braces in Scarsdale, NY, 10583, and the surrounding areas. If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Sokoloff, please contact Sokoloff Orthodontics at (917) 997-4221 or visit


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