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orthodontist Westchester County NY

What Foods To Eat and Avoid with Braces

Getting braces definitely makes eating your favorite foods a bit trickier. At Sokoloff Orthodontics, we want you to feel comfortable […]

first orthodontic visit white plains ny

When Should Children Have Their First Orthodontic Visit?

Where Can I Find The Best Orthodontist In White Plains NY? Our team at Sokoloff Orthodontics are experts in orthodontic […]

how alcohol affects your teeth white plains ny

The Truth Of How Alcohol Affects Your Teeth

How Does Alcohol Affect Teeth? Many people wonder how alcohol affects your teeth. Alcoholic beverages in moderation, are perfectly fine. […]

do pacifiers affect babies teeth

Do Pacifiers Affect Babies’ Teeth?

Many parents ask, “Do pacifiers affect babies’ teeth?” Pacifiers can provide babies with a soothing sensation, which keeps them content […]

how does thumb sucking affect teeth white plains ny

How Does Thumb Sucking Affect Teeth?

What Is Thumb Sucking? Thumb sucking is a natural reflex for infants and children. Sucking on thumbs, pacifiers, or other […]

Best Orthodontist Near Me In White Plains NY

What Is An Orthodontist

At Michael Sokoloff Orthodontics our goal is to provide the highest quality orthodontic care and treatment from the most qualified […]



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